Why “less is more” when it comes to SI joint adjustments

Hey everyone, Ah! I seriously have so many upcoming topics I’m planning to write about. But here’s one thing that’s literally come up on four of my coaching calls in the past week. And, as you may know, when I start to see a certain topic coming up and over again, I take it asContinue reading “Why “less is more” when it comes to SI joint adjustments”

What happens when the SI joint is out of alignment?

Hey everyone, So here’s a common symptom of SI joint dysfunction that I hear people describe just about all the time. It’s this feeling of a deep pain coming from the area around your SI joints. Like a stuck feeling. A feeling that you ought to just be able to move a certain way, orContinue reading “What happens when the SI joint is out of alignment?”

I feel powerful.

Hey everyone, I know I talk about a lot of heavy topics on this blog, so I wanted to make one thing very clear: I feel powerful. And I feel strong. It’s been a long process for me to put together the knowledge and strategies I talk about on my blog. There were a lotContinue reading “I feel powerful.”

How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 2: The exam

Hey guys, So in my last post, I talked about why I decided it was important to see a geneticist to get a more pinpointed hypermobility diagnosis. I had a virtual visit with Dr. Rohanizadegan, along with a genetics counselor who helped to do my intake. Normally, of course, genetics visits are done in person,Continue reading “How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 2: The exam”

How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 1: Seeing a geneticist

Hey everyone, Many of you have been asking recently about how I was diagnosed with hypermobility. The way our healthcare system works here in the US, a geneticist is the only type of specialist who can officially diagnose a hypermobility disorder.   I actually had an unofficial diagnosis in 2019, because I ended up at aContinue reading “How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 1: Seeing a geneticist”

My hypermobility history, Part 2: “You need to always keep your muscles strong”

Hi everyone, So this post picks up where my last post left off… where a doctor told me, at age 19, that I needed to “always keep your muscles strong… or else you’re going to have a very difficult life.” I didn’t understand what he meant, didn’t understand that sorrowful, grave look on his face.Continue reading “My hypermobility history, Part 2: “You need to always keep your muscles strong””

How I learned I’m hypermobile

Okay… this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. It’s just so important to me, and so complex, that in these times, it’s been hard to find the right time to say it. But I know it is going to be relevant to so many of you out there, soContinue reading “How I learned I’m hypermobile”

Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)

Hi everyone! As you may know, one of the treatments people often consider for SI joint dysfunction is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a relatively new, and still somewhat experimental, treatment to try to help ligaments heal.  It can be used on any injured joint, not just the SI joints.  Basically, a physician injects a solution thatContinue reading “Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)”

When it comes to exercise, start where you are.

Hi everyone! Someone asked recently, over in our SI Joint Discussion Forum, how often to start out doing pool exercise. I answered her about the pool, but the same concept is true for any form of exercise, when you’re coming back from a long-term injury. Start small.  Start wherever you are. When I first startedContinue reading “When it comes to exercise, start where you are.”