Designing an exercise routine: The Cost-Benefit Analysis

Hey guys, One of the topics people most frequently ask about is the strengthening routine I used to stabilize my SI joints. A really common pitfall for many people is that they work with a physical therapist, or other professional, who gives them a list of exercises that are painful for them – and thenContinue reading “Designing an exercise routine: The Cost-Benefit Analysis”

✨ Why the transverse abdominis is your secret weapon ✨

Hey everyone, Did you know that the transverse abdominis, or TA, is the deepest muscle of your core? A lot of people don’t know about this, because it’s hidden underneath the “6-pack” muscle. You can’t see it. But research has shown that, when this muscle is contracted, it plays a powerful, POWERFUL role in stabilizingContinue reading “✨ Why the transverse abdominis is your secret weapon ✨”

Accept nothing less than what you deserve.

✨ It is completely amazing to me, to have so much freedom back. ✨ 👉To be able to go where I want, when I want. 👉 To be able to move, how I want to move. I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret, though. Sometimes, it’s bittersweet. 🍁 Now that I’veContinue reading “Accept nothing less than what you deserve.”

All systems are go :)

Hey everyone, I had a moment on a coaching call last night, where I found myself explaining something totally perfectly. Sometimes these one-on-one calls are magic. Writing is one skill set (that I like to think I’m good at!) but sometimes in the course of explaining something to someone where it all comes together, itContinue reading “All systems are go :)”

When it all comes together: Activating Your Stabilization Systems

Hey everyone, Today, I wanted to share an awesome little epiphany I had while I was hiking recently. It was at one of my favorite places– a hidden gem where you can hike over all sorts of terrain, before getting to the lake where you can go swimming. I could just feel that all ofContinue reading “When it all comes together: Activating Your Stabilization Systems”

Why I stopped needing regular massages for SI joint dysfunction (2022 Update!).

Hey everyone, I got a really meaningful comment from reader Brooke the other day, on one of my older posts about Massage and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I actually hadn’t read that post in a while, and two things struck me about it: First, I thought “Wow, that article is well-written” 😉 Then, my next thoughtContinue reading “Why I stopped needing regular massages for SI joint dysfunction (2022 Update!).”

What most SI joint videos get wrong about alignment

We’ve all been there. You have this weird pain in your lower back that you think might be the SI joint, after reading about it online. So you go on YouTube, where there seem to be a ton of athletic trainers, chiropractors, you name it… all promising to teach you how to correct your alignmentContinue reading “What most SI joint videos get wrong about alignment”

What you need to know about SI joint alignment

Hey everyone, One thing that sets my approach apart from a lot of the other people out there talking about SI joint dysfunction is that I don’t just talk about strengthening. I know many of you have already been working with a doctor, or a PT, who’s given you a list of exercises to doContinue reading “What you need to know about SI joint alignment”