I am now offering coaching calls!

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to let you know that I’ve officially started doing coaching calls for people with SI joint dysfunction.

In the years I’ve been running this blog, I’ve conversed with hundreds of you over email. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you all and trying to help, in any way I can.

I often receive requests from readers to speak on the phone, or to do a video call. I LOVE interacting with all of you, but truthfully, the number of requests I receive is greater than I can get to in my free time.

This is why I have decided to officially start offering health coaching sessions through my blog.

This way I can really take the time to get to know you, and hear your whole story, and to come up with the best possible recommendations that I can.

I’ve been through this process myself— the good and the bad— and now I can help you navigate the system. I can let you know what’s out there in terms of treatment options, and explain concepts about the SI joint that you may not be clear about.

I find that a lot of people get stuck, after the first one or two PT’s they found weren’t really able to help them.

This is precisely where I can come in, because I’ve been there myself as a patient.

I can help you clarify what treatments your PT’s tried, what helped and didn’t help, and what sort of questions to ask the next time you see your doctor.

Because there is such a wide range in experience for PT’s, in terms of the SI joint, it may turn out there are treatment options you had no idea existed. This is where I can help.

My goal is never to take the place of a licensed medical professional working with you in person– it’s to help you make sense of things, and to figure out your next step.

At the end of our call, you will have an actionable list of next steps you can take. These might include:

  • A targeted list of questions and treatments to ask your doctor about
  • Recommendations for another type of specialist you might see, if you’re interested in a second opinion
  • A list of exercises to ask your physical therapist about —
  • OR, a list of questions to ask when interviewing a potential new physical therapist, so you can find someone with the experience you need

I am really excited to be able to offer these coaching calls, and I look forward to getting to know more of you!

If you would like to book a coaching session:

If you don’t see a time that works for you, you can email me at christycollinshealth@gmail.com and we can set something else up.

**You can also check out my Testimonials page**

Published by Christy Collins

Hi, I'm Christy! I'm a health coach who helps people overcome SI joint dysfunction and chronic pain.

6 thoughts on “I am now offering coaching calls!

  1. Wow.. this is going to be heaven for anyone that reaches out to you!!! I KNOW you will make a difference.. helping those who are afflicted with SIJD! Thank God for you!! I remember feeling so excited to find someone experiencing the exact same thing I was going through and hungered for more!

    I, myself feel very happy now because after 12 years, I am finally at peace! I realize its the everyday simple exercises I do to keep me going forward to keep me pain free Stretching is the KEY! and to know what to do and what NOT to do. Going away for vacations is now possible! Life is sweet!

    Good luck again, Christy! May you bring many more smiling faces!


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  2. Hey there! I’m 38, have birthed 8 children, and have really struggled with my left hip for 3 years. Chiro and PT aren’t really helping, though the new PT doctor recently told me he suspects SI joint disfunction and I started wearing a belt and doing a few new exercises that help a little bit; but I confess I am scared that I will have pain for the rest of my life! It hurts to get out of bed, or the car, or roll around at all, or bend in many directions. I would love some help!!!!


    1. Hey Brooke, so sorry to hear you’re going through all this, but I’d be happy to help! I talk to a lot of people who are starting out in a similar situation as you– where they aren’t quite sure if it’s the SI joint or something else, but they do know they have pain, and so far none of the other treatments they’ve tried have really worked.

      I’d definitely love to talk to you and come up with a game plan– you can reserve a time via my booking site, or else email me at christycollinshealth@gmail.com if you don’t see a time that works. Talk soon!!


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