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Hey everyone,

I originally began this blog to document my journey with SI joint dysfunction. I’m so happy to say that now that I’ve stabilized my pelvis and SI joints, my focus has now shifted to helping others.

A lot has changed, since I first learned how to stabilize my SI joints.

I wrote my original posts in 2016-2017, as I was really just beginning to grasp the idea that my SI joints could become stable, and I was trying to figure out how I could maintain that stability.

As some of my long-term readers will know, there also was a point when I thought Aquatic Therapy was really the only way to exercise and strengthen.

Now, my thinking on a lot of these topics has expanded, and my original posts don’t necessarily encompass everything I now believe.

For example, I used to think that aquatic therapy was the only way I could have gotten better, and I wrote that in some of my earlier posts.

These days, I’ve learned so much, and I no longer think aquatic exercise is the only way! I often advise my coaching clients about the gentle-land based exercises they can do to get started — even if, right now, the only place they can do them is lying in bed.

I asked my readers what to do about this. You guys overwhemingly said that you like the older posts, because they let you read my whole story and see how my thinking changed over time. Instead of deleting the old posts, you guys requested that I leave them up and simply put a note to explain where my thinking has changed.

👉So.. I’m following your suggestions… and coming out with some update posts!

In this section of my site, I thought I’d show you a collection of some of my newer posts, so you can learn more about my perspective on healing now.

Main principles I followed to recover:

Newer and updated posts & current routine (2020-present):

Core strength


Current philosophy:

And so much more to come!