Hello!  I’m Christy.

I’ve lived with sacroiliac joint dysfunction for 5 years.  I’ve gone from barely being able to walk, and being completely dependent on chiropractic adjustments, to being almost pain-free and knowing how to fix a stuck SI joint myself.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, and I always thought that I wanted to work in mental health.  However, as a result of all my experiences, I changed tracks and decided to pursue physical therapy as a career.

I’ve had to go back to school to take all the prerequisites I need in order to apply: biology, anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, even neuroscience.

I think this puts me in a pretty unique position to be able to help people.  As a long-time patient myself, I very much understand what people with SI joint dysfunction are going through.

However, the more I learn, the more I begin to understand the professional, scientific side of things– and I do my best to translate it into plain English, for you.

On this site, I share my story and the specific techniques that have helped me, as well as resources I think could be useful for patients and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions: