Hello!  I’m Christy.

I’ve lived with sacroiliac joint dysfunction for 5 years. I’ve gone from barely being able to walk, and being completely dependent on chiropractic adjustments, to being pain-free and knowing how to fix a stuck SI joint myself.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in the social sciences, and I always thought that I wanted to work in mental health.  However, as a result of all my experiences, I changed tracks and decided to pursue physical therapy as a career.

I’ve had to go back to school to take all the prerequisites I need in order to apply: biology, anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, even neuroscience.

I think this puts me in a pretty unique position to be able to help people. As someone who’s been through the process of injury and recovery herself, I very much understand what people with SI joint dysfunction are going through.

Frequently Asked Questions:


In 2020, I started offering one-on-one coaching sessions for people looking for help with SI joint dysfunction. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m happy to say that my program has been growing ever since!

To learn more about working with me, you can visit my Coaching page, which explains the services I offer and answers some frequently asked questions.

Looking forward to meeting you!