Physical Therapy

I know that many of you have struggled to find a physical therapist who can help you. I went through this process myself— it took me nine attempts at physical therapy, back in the day.

I do think that finding the right physical therapist to show you how to correct your SI joint alignment is one of the first steps. Once that part’s in place, all of the other things you do — strengthening, stretching, etc. — are building on top of a stable foundation.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you understand the goals of successful treatment. After all, you need to know what to look for, in order to find it!

How to find a good physical therapist:

SI joint adjustments by a physical therapist:

Stabilizing the SI joint ligaments:

Cool examples of physical therapy for the SI joint:

For further info:

If you’d like personalized feedback on your treatment plan or help finding a physical therapist near you, these are things I help my coaching clients with all the time! And I’d be happy to help you, too.

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