My Recovery

I had to chart a course, when no one person could provide me with answers.

I originally started this blog in 2016, when my whole life was on hold due to SI joint dysfunction. I was seeing a chiropractor regularly, and I’d already tried tons of physical therapy, but nothing I did seemed to totally solve the problem.

So, I made a conscious decision to treat my recovery like it was my “job.” To make it my mission to find whatever it was going to take to make myself well again.

Now, I’m living pain-free. My joints are staying in alignment, and I’m even able to do things like going out dancing and hiking.

How did I get here?

Eventually, I discovered that a lot of the things I’d been doing weren’t helping the way I thought. In fact, some of my exercises and treatments had actually been increasing the amount of stress and inflammation in my SI joints.

So, I changed things up.

I came up with a program that was designed to maximize healing and increasing muscle strength, in a way that was still gentle on the joint itself.

Now, I use the strategies I developed to help other people recover from SI joint dysfunction, too.

It’s all about the cost-benefit ratio.

A lot of treatment programs don’t work because while they may give you exercises to strengthen your muscles, they don’t factor in the negative impact those exercises can have on the joint itself.

In my coaching program, I share the exact exercises, stretches, and strategies I used to recover. They’re designed to give you the benefits you need, while helping your SI joints to stabilize.

Ultimately, it’s all about the cost-benefit ratio. The key is to make sure the things you’re doing to strengthen and re-align the joint are also gentle enough to let it heal.

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