Muscle Energy Technique

The Muscle Energy Technique is the name for the type of adjustment that allowed me to finally start correcting my own SI joint alignment at home.

Learning to perform MET on myself was a major part of my recovery.  Although chiropractic adjustments were technically putting my joints into the proper alignment, they were also putting too much stress on my SI joint ligaments, making it harder for them to heal.

Once I learned how to realign my own SI joints, it was like the final piece of the puzzle fell into place.  I was able to stop going to the chiropractor, which meant my ligaments were better able to heal and my joints became a lot more stable.

What is MET?

It’s a method of realigning your joints — kind of like what a chiropractor does, except it’s way more gentle.

MET was originally developed by the field of osteopathy. However, not all osteopaths currently perform MET. In my experience, these days it’s more commonly used by other practitioners, such as physical therapists.

How does MET work?

I know there are a lot of Youtube videos out there that promise to “fix” your SI joints instantly.

Unfortunately, the reality is that it doesn’t work that way– you need to know exactly which way you’re out of alignment, before you start trying to correct it.

But since there are so many of you out there struggling, when no one’s even told you alignment could be an issue, that’s why I decided to create this section.

My goal here is to empower you with the knowledge of what it takes to heal SI joint dysfunction, so you can start taking the steps you need to.

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