Correcting Your Alignment

Hey everyone,

When the SI joint is out of alignment, this means that the hip bone has moved out of place, relative to the sacrum.

It’s important to remember that, when this happens, the hip bone is really only moving out of the correct position by a few millimeters. It isn’t even far enough to show up as abnormal in an x-ray.

The problem is that it’s still not the correct position for your body.

Even just those few millimeters can still have a big impact on your overall movement patterns. In my experience, if you are out of alignment, it’s really important to get it corrected.

So here are all my posts that have to do with the topic of SI joint alignment, and how to correct it if your joints are actually misaligned.

Here’s an overview of what it means to be out of alignment:


This section focuses on the topic of adjustments, which is how a physical therapist or other medical professional can actually correct your alignment, and help put your SI joints back into the proper position.

Specific patterns:

I also have some posts that pertain to specific patterns of misalignment that you can have at the SI joint. Each of these patterns, such an upslip or a posterior rotation, is its own phenomenon that can occur independently, or at the same time of the other patterns.

So far I’ve only focused on these two patterns, as they’re the ones that have had the biggest impact on me, at different points in time.


Posterior rotation:

I have tons more info coming, both on these patterns as well as the others!

Stay tuned!