Hi Christy
Thank you SO Very much!
You have helped me a Ton!!!
I was almost ready to give into an SIJ surgery. 
Now I have hope that I can finally get some pain relief.
Thank you also for sending the blog posts….they are awesome!
This also helps my husband understand what I’m dealing with.
You have done a wonderful job of putting it all together to help people, 
with an all too common problem that causes a lot of pain.
Thank you again so very much – I hope you have a great weekend.

Kind regards,
Carole Gardner


You were super helpful in our call together Christy! I was able to better understand SIJ issues and have the right terminology to ask the right questions of PTs and doctors. Thank you so much for that!

Diane Diaz


Christy Collins is a godsend. She has taken her personal trials and tribulations as well as her very curious mind to help others search and find answers to their own situations.She has the rare combination of being clear, concise and organized while at the same time displaying empathy and understanding. Christy relies upon science, which is so important, but emphasizes that her words are not a substitute for medical advice. She cites her sources when making specific claims and this gives me confidence and trust in her findings. She often uses readers’ comments to discern where more research is needed and then she starts investigating and sharing. Because Christy allows her own vulnerability to show you can trust that you are in caring hands when working with her!

Barbara Van Rooyan


After dealing with debilitating low back pain for 8 years and trying every type of doctor, remedy, herb, chiro, injections etc and being told wrong information over and over again, I felt like I was at the absolute end of my journey, I was in constant pain and had lost all hope.

That’s when I found Christy’s blog. I poured over her posts and so many things rang true for me. I decided to get on a few coaching calls with Christy to go over some of my questions, fears and concerns. I was met with grace, kindness and a knowledge of back pain that I hadn’t come across in my previous years of searching for answers.

Christy was thorough and patient with all of my questions and was a pleasure to speak with. She was able to steer me in the right direction and recommended some great doctors in my area as well as physical therapists that might be able to help me with my issue. I was able to get an MRI through the doctor she recommended and found out not only that I have hyper mobility and SI joint dysfunction but also had two herniated discs.

Christy gave me the confidence and correct verbiage to ask the right questions to get better answers for my pain. I’m so happy to report that I’ve been seeing a physical therapist that understands my issues and have been pain free for almost three months. First time I can say that in years! Thank you so much Christy!

–Matt C.