Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis (Continuing Education for PT’s)

Hey everyone,

I recently stumbled upon this fascinating-looking course: Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis through Medbridge Education.  It’s a continuing education course for physical therapists who want to be able to treat SIJ pain.

It’s given by Dr. Alexis Wright, who has a pretty impressive resume.  She has a Ph.D. in physical therapy clinical research, is APTA board-certified in orthopedics, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists.

The video is pretty brief, but you can create an account on Medbridge to watch the first chapter for free, if you’re interested!

I wanted to post it here because I know so many of you struggle to find a physical therapist with the right background knowledge and training.

Unfortunately, the medical field as a whole has still been catching up to building awareness regarding the SI joint.  Not every PT out there learned about the SI joint in physical therapy school.  And among those who have heard of it, it can sometimes be a subject of controversy, as some practitioners don’t believe this joint can move at all.**

That’s why I so appreciate people with qualifications such as Dr. Wright sharing their knowledge!  The type of advanced training she is offering here is precisely how a PT can begin to develop expertise in the SI joint.

So when you’re looking for the right physical therapist to help you with the SI joint, I suggest you look for someone with this type of course on their resume.

**I honestly don’t get how anyone practicing physical therapy in this day and age could still not get that SIJD is a real thing, but I’m hopeful that over time, and with more education on the topic, awareness will grow.**

So thank you, Dr. Wright, for teaching this course, and Medbridge for making it available!

Published by Christy Collins

Hi, I'm Christy! I'm a health coach who helps people overcome SI joint dysfunction and chronic pain.

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