Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis (Continuing Education for PT’s)

Hey everyone, I recently stumbled upon this fascinating-looking course: Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis through Medbridge Education.  It’s a continuing education course for physical therapists who want to be able to treat SIJ pain. It’s given by Dr. Alexis Wright, who has a pretty impressive resume.  She has a Ph.D. in physical therapy clinicalContinue reading “Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis (Continuing Education for PT’s)”

SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure

Here is a really important concept about the SI joint: How is an SI joint supposed to stay in place? The body has 2 main systems to maintain stability in the SI joint: Form closure and force closure. 1) Form closure has to do with the shape of the bones that make up the SI joint (the two hip bonesContinue reading “SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure”

Labral tears

Hip labral tears are a condition that can sometimes accompany sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The labrum is a ring of cartilage found within the hip socket.  Its main purpose is to absorb shock, as well as to help make sure your leg bone fits snugly inside the hip socket. Cartilage is generally pretty tough, but sometimes itContinue reading “Labral tears”

Why do we know so little about the SI joint? (Amazing Interview with Dr. Carter Beck).

Recently, I was watching this interview with SI joint surgeon Dr. Carter Beck (the same doctor I had mentioned in my previous post).  The whole time I was watching, I kept thinking to myself, “Wow, that is a great point…. I really need to remember some of the things he is saying.” So… that meansContinue reading “Why do we know so little about the SI joint? (Amazing Interview with Dr. Carter Beck).”

Key Point #1: Identifying the problem

Honestly, as much as I have criticized chiropractors at times on here, I know I would have been completely lost when my SI joint first locked up back in 2011 if my chiropractor hadn’t been able to explain things to me. I’ve flat out never seen a physician that had anything truly helpful to sayContinue reading “Key Point #1: Identifying the problem”

SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology

Looking back, I can see that part of the reason it took me so long to get information on the SI joint is that I simply didn’t know where to start looking. Since I first injured my SI joints back in 2011, it does seem as though there’s a lot more information available now (andContinue reading “SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology”

The ligaments of the SI joint

The SI joint is mainly held together by bands of connective tissue known as ligaments.   These ligaments hold the sacrum (base of the spine) and the ilia (hip bones) together to make up the two sacroiliac joints. Here are some diagrams which give you a general view of what the ligaments look like: AnContinue reading “The ligaments of the SI joint”