How to calm your nervous system

Hey everyone, Here’s a topic people ask me about pretty frequently these days, so I thought I’d get the word out! So many of you are going to your doctor, asking for help with SI joint issues, only to be told the problem is in your nervous system. That you have an increased sensitivity toContinue reading “How to calm your nervous system”

Why SI belts help some people, and not others.

Hey everyone! I know many of you are curious to learn about SI belts. They can be a powerful tool in recovery, and are really helpful for a lot of people. In my post Let’s talk about SI belts, I share some tips and tricks about the belts, as well as answer some frequently askedContinue reading “Why SI belts help some people, and not others.”

Why the core is your home base

Hey everyone, You may notice that I mention core strengthening in a lot of my posts. And I’m willing to bet that anyone out there who’s struggled with back pain has heard the term “core” a million times. But what are we really talking about here? There are a lot of different schools of thoughtContinue reading “Why the core is your home base”

The most powerful core exercises can be subtle

Hey everyone, Here’s a topic that comes up sooo often in my coaching sessions— I wanted to be sure to address it on the blog! Today I wanted to talk to you about core strengthening. What a lot of people don’t know is that there’s a huge mind-body component to core strengthening (at least, whenContinue reading “The most powerful core exercises can be subtle”

The first part of the body to adapt to exercise

Can you guess what the first part of the body is to adapt to exercise? Hint: it’s actually not your muscles… The first part of the body to respond and begin to adapt to a new movement pattern is actually your nervous system. While it may take a few weeks for your muscles to actuallyContinue reading “The first part of the body to adapt to exercise”

Why standard PT exercises don’t work

Hey everyone, If you’re like many of the people who come to my site, you’ve already been through physical therapy several times. Your PT gave you a printout of exercises. Technically, they’re the “correct” exercises to do for lower back pain. But none of them helped you, and in fact, you’re in even more painContinue reading “Why standard PT exercises don’t work”

My new world (how to read my blog!)

Hey everyone, As some of you know, I started this blog back in 2016 when I felt totally helpless. I was totally dependent on chiropractic adjustments, which I thought were the only thing that could help me, and I was beginning to think surgery was the only long-term answer. But somehow, something magic happened whenContinue reading “My new world (how to read my blog!)”