Top 3 Tips for SI Joint Dysfunction – 2023 Version

Hey everyone, Today, I wanted to share some thoughts with you, based on some of my recent reflections and conversations. As you guys know, I started this blog in 2016 to help myself, when I felt totally alone and desperate. But, something incredible happened – the more I focused on this problem and stepped intoContinue reading “Top 3 Tips for SI Joint Dysfunction – 2023 Version”

Why I stopped needing regular massages for SI joint dysfunction (2022 Update!).

Hey everyone, I got a really meaningful comment from reader Brooke the other day, on one of my older posts about Massage and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I actually hadn’t read that post in a while, and two things struck me about it: First, I thought “Wow, that article is well-written” 😉 Then, my next thoughtContinue reading “Why I stopped needing regular massages for SI joint dysfunction (2022 Update!).”

Your body is here to protect you.

Hey everyone, You ever have those moments where are you come across an old college paper, journal entry, or even an old social media post that really shows you how much your thinking has changed? Today I went to re-share one of my older blog posts. It’s about how sometimes, you can have a weirdContinue reading “Your body is here to protect you.”

What my SI joint saga has taught me

Hey everyone, I’ve been having a huge epiphany recently … And I realized, my SI joint saga has taught me so much.  For so long, I felt something no one else could feel, and no one else seemed to believe… These are all thing people said to me over the course of my saga.  AndContinue reading “What my SI joint saga has taught me”

How I kept going with SI joint dysfunction

Hey everyone, So… I’m about to get real personal here. A question people often ask me is “how did you keep going?” when I was going through my own SI joint saga. I know exactly why you you guys are asking. I’ve totally been there myself, where it can seem really hard to believe you’llContinue reading “How I kept going with SI joint dysfunction”

I feel powerful.

Hey everyone, I know I talk about a lot of heavy topics on this blog, so I wanted to make one thing very clear: I feel powerful. And I feel strong. It’s been a long process for me to put together the knowledge and strategies I talk about on my blog. There were a lotContinue reading “I feel powerful.”

How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 1: Seeing a geneticist

Hey everyone, Many of you have been asking recently about how I was diagnosed with hypermobility. The way our healthcare system works here in the US, a geneticist is the only type of specialist who can officially diagnose a hypermobility disorder.   I actually had an unofficial diagnosis in 2019, because I ended up at aContinue reading “How I got my hypermobility diagnosis, Part 1: Seeing a geneticist”

Having enough muscle strength can change everything

Hey everyone, Every so often, I’ll get a few different people asking me the same question, in a short period of time.   Whenever that happens, and a lot of my readers seem to all be experiencing the same issue, I figure it’s time to get something up on the blog!  In the past weekContinue reading “Having enough muscle strength can change everything”