Having enough muscle strength can change everything

Hey everyone, Every so often, I’ll get a few different people asking me the same question, in a short period of time.   Whenever that happens, and a lot of my readers seem to all be experiencing the same issue, I figure it’s time to get something up on the blog!  In the past weekContinue reading “Having enough muscle strength can change everything”

Do’s and Don’ts for the Muscle Energy Technique

Hi everyone, One of the topics people ask me about most is the Muscle Energy Technique.  Here are some things that come up *very* often. DON’T simply try things out because you found a video up on Youtube where someone shows one form of the Muscle Energy Technique. For the life of me, I cannot figureContinue reading “Do’s and Don’ts for the Muscle Energy Technique”

How that scary snapping feeling in the front of your pelvis can actually come from tight muscles

Hi everyone! Okay, so here’s a topic that’s come up pretty often with readers… and it’s also one that’s affected me personally. Many of you have written to me about strange popping sensations and/or pain in the front of your pelvis.  Sometimes over the hip socket, and sometimes right by the pubic symphysis, which isContinue reading “How that scary snapping feeling in the front of your pelvis can actually come from tight muscles”

How I healed from chondromalacia patellae

Hi everyone! Something that comes up pretty often when people reach out to me is a knee condition called chondromalacia patellae (also sometimes called patellofemoral pain syndrome). As you may know, I was struggling with chondromalacia patellae in both knees when I first developed SI joint dysfunction. It seems to me that the two can goContinue reading “How I healed from chondromalacia patellae”