What most SI joint videos get wrong about alignment

We’ve all been there. You have this weird pain in your lower back that you think might be the SI joint, after reading about it online. So you go on YouTube, where there seem to be a ton of athletic trainers, chiropractors, you name it… all promising to teach you how to correct your alignmentContinue reading “What most SI joint videos get wrong about alignment”

What you need to know about SI joint alignment

Hey everyone, One thing that sets my approach apart from a lot of the other people out there talking about SI joint dysfunction is that I don’t just talk about strengthening. I know many of you have already been working with a doctor, or a PT, who’s given you a list of exercises to doContinue reading “What you need to know about SI joint alignment”

What happens when the SI joint is out of alignment?

Hey everyone, So here’s a common symptom of SI joint dysfunction that I hear people describe just about all the time. It’s this feeling of a deep pain coming from the area around your SI joints. Like a stuck feeling. A feeling that you ought to just be able to move a certain way, orContinue reading “What happens when the SI joint is out of alignment?”

Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle

Hey everyone! I’ve been noticing a theme coming up often in my coaching calls lately: A lot of you are out there doing all the right things– going to physical therapy, wearing an SI belt, working on core strengthening– and still not seeing improvement. However, one thing that seems to be the case for manyContinue reading “Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle”

What happens when an SI joint gets stuck?

If you have SI joint dysfunction, this is a really important concept for you to understand. There are different types of issues that can affect the SI joint, but this was the main problem for me, during the entire five years I struggled with this problem. *** The sacroiliac joint is made up by theContinue reading “What happens when an SI joint gets stuck?”