Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)

Hi everyone! As you may know, one of the treatments people often consider for SI joint dysfunction is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a relatively new, and still somewhat experimental, treatment to try to help ligaments heal.  It can be used on any injured joint, not just the SI joints.  Basically, a physician injects a solution thatContinue reading “Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)”

Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction

  Hi everyone! So… scientific studies regarding SI joint dysfunction have really been on my mind recently. I’ve seen too many people on social media (and also met one doctor in person) making generalized statements about how SI joint dysfunction isn’t a real thing. That the SI joint doesn’t move (at all). That it’s virtuallyContinue reading “Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction”

A great exercise to try: Isometric Glute Squeezes

Hi everyone– In this post, I want to talk about a very easy and gentle way to start strengthening the gluteus maximus. Most of us are familiar with this muscle– it’s the largest muscle that makes up our butt cheeks!  (Just calling it what it is!). This muscle is really important to stabilizing the SIContinue reading “A great exercise to try: Isometric Glute Squeezes”

Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 2

Hi everyone! So, here is Part 2 to the post I published yesterday.  It’s about how, all this time, I thought only a chiropractor would be able to help me with rotation of the lumbar vertebrae… but it turns out, I was wrong. Well, as it turns out… there are other medical professionals who can treat it. Continue reading “Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 2”

Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 1

Hi everyone! This has been like, a month of epiphanies for me. As you may have seen on Sunlight in Winter, I’ve realized recently that I probably do have fibromyalgia, after all these years of going without a diagnosis. And now, on the subject of the lumbar spine, I’ve had another epiphany, thanks to a readerContinue reading “Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 1”

After my chiropractic injury, Part 2: Saturday.

Hello again everyone, So, first of all– thank you so much for all of your kind comments and well-wishes.  It really means a lot to me to know people care and also to know my message is getting out! As I explained in my last post, on Friday night I went to the emergency roomContinue reading “After my chiropractic injury, Part 2: Saturday.”

The muscles of the core (and why we focus on the transverse abdominis!).

Hi everyone! Generally, when people think of the core, they think of doing sit-ups, and crunches, and building up a 6-pack.  All of that has to do with the first muscle I’m going to mention here: the rectus abdominis.  However, there is so much more to the core than that. 1) The rectus abdominis: The “6-pack”Continue reading “The muscles of the core (and why we focus on the transverse abdominis!).”

Use caution with back extensions and the SI joint

Hello, hello everyone! I wanted to check in with you about an issue I’ve heard a lot of people mentioning recently.  This time, it’s about an exercise that you may want to be careful with, if you have SI joint issues. What I’m talking about, specifically, is back extension.  This is the term that refersContinue reading “Use caution with back extensions and the SI joint”

My advice for a reader worried about sitting for 10 hours on a plane

Hi everyone! I recently heard from a reader who was concerned about an upcoming airplane flight she had to take.  Sitting was really painful for her, and she avoided it at all costs in her daily life. However, she was about to take a 10-hour flight across the Atlantic, and wanted to know what inContinue reading “My advice for a reader worried about sitting for 10 hours on a plane”

SI Joint Injections, Part 3: Will an SI joint injection help you?

Hi everyone! In my recent posts, I’ve been talking about lidocaine and cortisone injections for the SI joints– the various risks and benefits your doctor should tell you up front. However, I wanted to address a larger question I had when I first looked into them, and why I, personally, decided not to proceed. AndContinue reading “SI Joint Injections, Part 3: Will an SI joint injection help you?”