Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction

  Hi everyone! So… scientific studies regarding SI joint dysfunction have really been on my mind recently. I’ve seen too many people on social media (and also met one doctor in person) making generalized statements about how SI joint dysfunction isn’t a real thing. That the SI joint doesn’t move (at all). That it’s virtuallyContinue reading “Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction”

Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 2

Hi everyone! So, here is Part 2 to the post I published yesterday.  It’s about how, all this time, I thought only a chiropractor would be able to help me with rotation of the lumbar vertebrae… but it turns out, I was wrong. Well, as it turns out… there are other medical professionals who can treat it. Continue reading “Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 2”

Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 1

Hi everyone! This has been like, a month of epiphanies for me. As you may have seen on Sunlight in Winter, I’ve realized recently that I probably do have fibromyalgia, after all these years of going without a diagnosis. And now, on the subject of the lumbar spine, I’ve had another epiphany, thanks to a readerContinue reading “Lumbar Spine Epiphany, Part 1”