Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)

Hi everyone! As you may know, one of the treatments people often consider for SI joint dysfunction is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a relatively new, and still somewhat experimental, treatment to try to help ligaments heal.  It can be used on any injured joint, not just the SI joints.  Basically, a physician injects a solution thatContinue reading “Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)”

Can you heal the SI joints without prolotherapy?

Hi everyone! I had a really interesting question from a reader recently, and I wanted to pass along my answer to you. A. wanted to know if I’d ever tried prolotherapy, or any other forms of regenerative medicine. He wrote, “I have found that if the problem is ligament laxity, then swimming (I have startedContinue reading “Can you heal the SI joints without prolotherapy?”

Why Julie decided to pursue prolotherapy

Hi everyone! I am totally grateful to longtime reader Julie, who emailed me yesterday about her own experience consulting a doctor for prolotherapy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept, prolotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment in which a special solution consisting mainly of sugar is injected into the ligamentsContinue reading “Why Julie decided to pursue prolotherapy”