The SI Joint and Shock Absorption

Hi everyone!  Here’s a new concept I haven’t written about as much yet.  I find it really interesting, and I hope you will too! What I wanted to talk to you about is the SI joint’s role in shock absorption. The SI joint is different from a lot of other joints in the body, inContinue reading “The SI Joint and Shock Absorption”

The goal of strengthening is to maximize your body’s own support system.

Here’s another concept which I wish someone had explained to me differently back in the beginning. As I’ve mentioned in previously, when I first began experiencing SI joint dysfunction, the only people who really seemed to be able to understand my problem were chiropractors. I had one main chiropractor that I went to – Dr.Continue reading “The goal of strengthening is to maximize your body’s own support system.”

How exactly does the Muscle Energy Technique work?

Hello, everyone.  I’ve noticed that my page on the Muscle Energy Technique is one of my pages that gets the most traffic from search engines.   It seems like a topic people are really searching for answers on, so I figured I’d try to explain some more of the specifics. I use the Muscle EnergyContinue reading “How exactly does the Muscle Energy Technique work?”

How I healed my SI joints without surgery

Hey everyone, I realized yesterday that everything I’ve written about my own road to healing really comes down to two factors: These two factors make up two equally important sides of the same coin.  You need both for healing.  The key is to balance one against the other. Why?  Let’s look in more detail. 1)Continue reading “How I healed my SI joints without surgery”

SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure

Here is a really important concept about the SI joint: How is an SI joint supposed to stay in place? The body has 2 main systems to maintain stability in the SI joint: Form closure and force closure. 1) Form closure has to do with the shape of the bones that make up the SI joint (the two hip bonesContinue reading “SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure”

SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology

Looking back, I can see that part of the reason it took me so long to get information on the SI joint is that I simply didn’t know where to start looking. Since I first injured my SI joints back in 2011, it does seem as though there’s a lot more information available now (andContinue reading “SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology”

SI Joint Concepts: Hypomobility and Hypermobility

Hey everyone, These are some common terms relating to the SI joint which, unfortunately, can be very confusing to a lot of people.  Let’s clear them up! The words hypermobile and hypomobile can be used in a few different ways to describe the SI joint, or any joint in the body. Let’s start by talkingContinue reading “SI Joint Concepts: Hypomobility and Hypermobility”