The first part of the body to adapt to exercise

Can you guess what the first part of the body is to adapt to exercise?

Hint: it’s actually not your muscles…

The first part of the body to respond and begin to adapt to a new movement pattern is actually your nervous system.

While it may take a few weeks for your muscles to actually get stronger, you’ll actually feel an improvement in your movement patterns much sooner.

Practicing a new movement pattern actually allows your muscles to get “better” at it… aka more precise and more efficient.

I think this is super cool. Our bodies are always looking for ways to help us and stabilize… sometimes we just have to know the right “hack” (in this case, the right movement pattern to practice).

This is so important for all the muscle groups that help stabilize the SI joints, including:

I’m so excited to share the various strategies and hacks I’ve learned for stabilizing the SI joints!

I have so much info coming up— stay tuned!

Brain illustration courtesy of ChristinaMina on Flickr

Published by Christy Collins

Hi, I'm Christy! I'm a health coach who helps people overcome SI joint dysfunction and chronic pain.

2 thoughts on “The first part of the body to adapt to exercise

  1. Hi Christy! I just discovered your blog and it has been so helpful! Can SI joint problems cause IT band problems?


    1. Hi Kim, so glad you found my site!

      Yes, SIJD and IT band syndrome can definitely go together.

      Any time you have an unstable joint (like the SI joint) the body can compensate by tightening up the other muscles around it.

      This can create tension in the muscles that attach to the IT band.

      Where there can definitely be a lot of potential factors here, muscle imbalance is a big one. Once you start to stabilize, the results can be incredible!

      Hope this helps!


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