Taking it to the next level: Neuromuscular Control

Hey everyone, My understanding of the SI joint, and the evolution of my recovery, has come in stages. Today, I want to tell you about a concept that was an absolute game-changer for me. When it comes to healing from SI joint dysfunction — or any injury, really — it isn’t just about making yourContinue reading “Taking it to the next level: Neuromuscular Control”

What my SI joint saga has taught me

Hey everyone, I’ve been having a huge epiphany recently … And I realized, my SI joint saga has taught me so much.  For so long, I felt something no one else could feel, and no one else seemed to believe… These are all thing people said to me over the course of my saga.  AndContinue reading “What my SI joint saga has taught me”

Why the core is your home base

Hey everyone, You may notice that I mention core strengthening in a lot of my posts. And I’m willing to bet that anyone out there who’s struggled with back pain has heard the term “core” a million times. But what are we really talking about here? There are a lot of different schools of thoughtContinue reading “Why the core is your home base”

Carole’s Story

When Carole found my site, she’d been struggling with mysterious lower back pain for years, and hadn’t yet found the right medical professionals to take her seriously. The only option she’d really been presented with was SI joint fusion surgery, without really being able to try anything else first. I was so excited to doContinue reading “Carole’s Story”

How I kept going with SI joint dysfunction

Hey everyone, So… I’m about to get real personal here. A question people often ask me is “how did you keep going?” when I was going through my own SI joint saga. I know exactly why you you guys are asking. I’ve totally been there myself, where it can seem really hard to believe you’llContinue reading “How I kept going with SI joint dysfunction”

How walking on softer surfaces can reduce joint pain

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about a little trick that I learned from my high-school running days. That trick is, in order to heal an injury (and also to prevent future injuries), try to do your exercise on a softer surface. I know that a lot of you might in painContinue reading “How walking on softer surfaces can reduce joint pain”

How I learned I’m hypermobile

Okay… this is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. It’s just so important to me, and so complex, that in these times, it’s been hard to find the right time to say it. But I know it is going to be relevant to so many of you out there, soContinue reading “How I learned I’m hypermobile”

Why a PT should always be clear about what they’re adjusting, and why

Hey everyone! Here’s a subject that’s been coming up pretty frequently during my coaching calls recently– There are a lot of you out there who’ve been to multiple PT’s (and chiropractors, which I don’t totally recommend). And they’ve tried different types of manual adjustments and mobilizations to the SI joints… and you’re not totally sureContinue reading “Why a PT should always be clear about what they’re adjusting, and why”

Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)

Hi everyone! As you may know, one of the treatments people often consider for SI joint dysfunction is prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a relatively new, and still somewhat experimental, treatment to try to help ligaments heal.  It can be used on any injured joint, not just the SI joints.  Basically, a physician injects a solution thatContinue reading “Julie’s success with prolotherapy :)”

Can you heal the SI joints without prolotherapy?

Hi everyone! I had a really interesting question from a reader recently, and I wanted to pass along my answer to you. A. wanted to know if I’d ever tried prolotherapy, or any other forms of regenerative medicine. He wrote, “I have found that if the problem is ligament laxity, then swimming (I have startedContinue reading “Can you heal the SI joints without prolotherapy?”