What my SI joint saga has taught me

Hey everyone, I’ve been having a huge epiphany recently … And I realized, my SI joint saga has taught me so much.  For so long, I felt something no one else could feel, and no one else seemed to believe… These are all thing people said to me over the course of my saga.  AndContinue reading “What my SI joint saga has taught me”

Why the core is your home base

Hey everyone, You may notice that I mention core strengthening in a lot of my posts. And I’m willing to bet that anyone out there who’s struggled with back pain has heard the term “core” a million times. But what are we really talking about here? There are a lot of different schools of thoughtContinue reading “Why the core is your home base”

The most powerful core exercises can be subtle

Hey everyone, Here’s a topic that comes up sooo often in my coaching sessions— I wanted to be sure to address it on the blog! Today I wanted to talk to you about core strengthening. What a lot of people don’t know is that there’s a huge mind-body component to core strengthening (at least, whenContinue reading “The most powerful core exercises can be subtle”

Why “less is more” when it comes to SI joint adjustments

Hey everyone, Ah! I seriously have so many upcoming topics I’m planning to write about. But here’s one thing that’s literally come up on four of my coaching calls in the past week. And, as you may know, when I start to see a certain topic coming up and over again, I take it asContinue reading “Why “less is more” when it comes to SI joint adjustments”

Working the “foot core”

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to share with you a new concept I recently learned — that is, that the foot has a “core” group of muscles, just like our body overall has a core. And, just like you can increase the stability of your trunk by working the regular core, you can actually increaseContinue reading “Working the “foot core””

What hypermobile people can teach you

Hey everyone, So here’s a subject that’s been on my mind for a while.   As you may know, in the past year I’ve been learning, for the first time in my life, what it means to have a hypermobility spectrum disorder (also known as a connective tissue disorder).  If you have a hypermobility disorder, itContinue reading “What hypermobile people can teach you”

Let’s talk about SI Belts.

Hey everyone, A topic people ask me about pretty frequently is SI joint belts. These belts are meant to help stabilize the SI joints in place, so the ligaments and other tissues can heal. It’s important to remember that SI joint recovery is really individualized– what works for one person may not work for another.Continue reading “Let’s talk about SI Belts.”

Having enough muscle strength can change everything

Hey everyone, Every so often, I’ll get a few different people asking me the same question, in a short period of time.   Whenever that happens, and a lot of my readers seem to all be experiencing the same issue, I figure it’s time to get something up on the blog!  In the past weekContinue reading “Having enough muscle strength can change everything”

The function of a muscle spasm

Hey everyone, So now that my SI joints are stable, it’s letting me observe different patterns within my body that I wasn’t able to see sooner. When your SI joints are going out of alignment all the time, it’s hard to really see a pattern to it, or discern what your muscles might be doing.Continue reading “The function of a muscle spasm”

Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle

Hey everyone! I’ve been noticing a theme coming up often in my coaching calls lately: A lot of you are out there doing all the right things– going to physical therapy, wearing an SI belt, working on core strengthening– and still not seeing improvement. However, one thing that seems to be the case for manyContinue reading “Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle”