I feel powerful.

Hey everyone, I know I talk about a lot of heavy topics on this blog, so I wanted to make one thing very clear: I feel powerful. And I feel strong. It’s been a long process for me to put together the knowledge and strategies I talk about on my blog. There were a lotContinue reading “I feel powerful.”

Levels of pathology: how some forms of misalignment are more serious than others

Hey everyone, A reader commented on my last post, asking if certain patterns of misalignment are more likely to cause nerve irritation than others. This actually really dovetailed nicely into what I planned to say next. What I’ve learned from my various PT mentors is that there are basically different levels of pathology when itContinue reading “Levels of pathology: how some forms of misalignment are more serious than others”

Working the “foot core”

Hey everyone, Today I wanted to share with you a new concept I recently learned — that is, that the foot has a “core” group of muscles, just like our body overall has a core. And, just like you can increase the stability of your trunk by working the regular core, you can actually increaseContinue reading “Working the “foot core””

Imaging and the SI joint

Hey everyone, A question my readers and coaching clients ask pretty often is whether imaging, such as an x-ray or MRI, can be used to diagnose SI joint dysfunction. Technically, imaging cannot be used to diagnose whether your SI joints are in or out of alignment. We are only talking about bones that may moveContinue reading “Imaging and the SI joint”

Let’s talk about SI Belts.

Hey everyone, A topic people ask me about pretty frequently is SI joint belts. These belts are meant to help stabilize the SI joints in place, so the ligaments and other tissues can heal. It’s important to remember that SI joint recovery is really individualized– what works for one person may not work for another.Continue reading “Let’s talk about SI Belts.”

Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle

Hey everyone! I’ve been noticing a theme coming up often in my coaching calls lately: A lot of you are out there doing all the right things– going to physical therapy, wearing an SI belt, working on core strengthening– and still not seeing improvement. However, one thing that seems to be the case for manyContinue reading “Correcting your alignment: the missing piece of the puzzle”

How walking on softer surfaces can reduce joint pain

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about a little trick that I learned from my high-school running days. That trick is, in order to heal an injury (and also to prevent future injuries), try to do your exercise on a softer surface. I know that a lot of you might in painContinue reading “How walking on softer surfaces can reduce joint pain”

A “rough” workout that made me super happy

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you my experience going for a hike the other day, and why it was such a great feeling… even though I totally overdid it. This is maybe something that people who’ve had SI joint dysfunction, or have been injured for a long period of time, will understand. SoContinue reading “A “rough” workout that made me super happy”

Why a PT should always be clear about what they’re adjusting, and why

Hey everyone! Here’s a subject that’s been coming up pretty frequently during my coaching calls recently– There are a lot of you out there who’ve been to multiple PT’s (and chiropractors, which I don’t totally recommend). And they’ve tried different types of manual adjustments and mobilizations to the SI joints… and you’re not totally sureContinue reading “Why a PT should always be clear about what they’re adjusting, and why”

The SI joint and…the brain?!

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that a certain theme has been coming up a lot lately among some of my readers lately. And that topic is how the brain can affect the SI joint– by how it regulates things like our muscles, posture, and breathing.. This is a subject I never really thought about before, butContinue reading “The SI joint and…the brain?!”