Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction

  Hi everyone! So… scientific studies regarding SI joint dysfunction have really been on my mind recently. I’ve seen too many people on social media (and also met one doctor in person) making generalized statements about how SI joint dysfunction isn’t a real thing. That the SI joint doesn’t move (at all). That it’s virtuallyContinue reading “Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction”

When it comes to exercise, start where you are.

Hi everyone! Someone asked recently, over in our SI Joint Discussion Forum, how often to start out doing pool exercise. I answered her about the pool, but the same concept is true for any form of exercise, when you’re coming back from a long-term injury. Start small.  Start wherever you are. When I first startedContinue reading “When it comes to exercise, start where you are.”

Megan’s Story: “Not Interstitial Cystitis, PNE, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, or Vulvodynia, but an Orthopedic Hip Injury?”

Hi everyone! I’ve just discovered the most moving and informative story of one woman’s four-year quest to resolve debilitating pelvic pain.  It’s from Megan McGorry, and her blog is Mermaid’s Reel. There are SO many reasons why I wanted to share this with you.  Really, her post speaks for herself.   But for the purposes ofContinue reading “Megan’s Story: “Not Interstitial Cystitis, PNE, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, or Vulvodynia, but an Orthopedic Hip Injury?””

How the SI Joint affects Movement Efficiency

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about another concept I find really interesting, which is how the alignment of our SI joints affects the efficiency of our movements. What is movement efficiency? When you move efficiently, this means you’re performing various motions in a smooth, coordinated way, which allows you to achieveContinue reading “How the SI Joint affects Movement Efficiency”

The SI Joint and Shock Absorption

Hi everyone!  Here’s a new concept I haven’t written about as much yet.  I find it really interesting, and I hope you will too! What I wanted to talk to you about is the SI joint’s role in shock absorption. The SI joint is different from a lot of other joints in the body, inContinue reading “The SI Joint and Shock Absorption”

Proof that healing is possible

Hi everyone– I was sorting though old papers recently when I came across the original instructions my physical therapist Paula wrote out for me on the Muscle Energy Technique, back in 2014. A lot of people have asked me about her original instructions, as I’ve been running this blog.  I think people want to knowContinue reading “Proof that healing is possible”

Moving forward//where do I go from here?

I love this photo so much.  I first found it a few years ago, and used it in one of my posts about pain neurophysiology education (which I hope to eventually talk about on this blog, as well!). And it’s really speaking to me now, in the aftermath of what happened a week and aContinue reading “Moving forward//where do I go from here?”

My advice for a reader worried about sitting for 10 hours on a plane

Hi everyone! I recently heard from a reader who was concerned about an upcoming airplane flight she had to take.  Sitting was really painful for her, and she avoided it at all costs in her daily life. However, she was about to take a 10-hour flight across the Atlantic, and wanted to know what inContinue reading “My advice for a reader worried about sitting for 10 hours on a plane”

3 Things to Know about Pool Exercise

Hi everyone! You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the question I’m asked the most is “what are your exercises?” However, I know many of you out there are coming from different starting points, with different levels of what you are physically able to do without pain. So, before I go into a listContinue reading “3 Things to Know about Pool Exercise”

SI Joint Injections, Part 3: Will an SI joint injection help you?

Hi everyone! In my recent posts, I’ve been talking about lidocaine and cortisone injections for the SI joints– the various risks and benefits your doctor should tell you up front. However, I wanted to address a larger question I had when I first looked into them, and why I, personally, decided not to proceed. AndContinue reading “SI Joint Injections, Part 3: Will an SI joint injection help you?”