Let’s talk about SI Belts.

Hey everyone, A topic people ask me about pretty frequently is SI joint belts. These belts are meant to help stabilize the SI joints in place, so the ligaments and other tissues can heal. It’s important to remember that SI joint recovery is really individualized– what works for one person may not work for another.Continue reading “Let’s talk about SI Belts.”

Having enough muscle strength can change everything

Hey everyone, Every so often, I’ll get a few different people asking me the same question, in a short period of time.   Whenever that happens, and a lot of my readers seem to all be experiencing the same issue, I figure it’s time to get something up on the blog!  In the past weekContinue reading “Having enough muscle strength can change everything”

The function of a muscle spasm

Hey everyone, So now that my SI joints are stable, it’s letting me observe different patterns within my body that I wasn’t able to see sooner. When your SI joints are going out of alignment all the time, it’s hard to really see a pattern to it, or discern what your muscles might be doing.Continue reading “The function of a muscle spasm”

A “rough” workout that made me super happy

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you my experience going for a hike the other day, and why it was such a great feeling… even though I totally overdid it. This is maybe something that people who’ve had SI joint dysfunction, or have been injured for a long period of time, will understand. SoContinue reading “A “rough” workout that made me super happy”

When should you take painkillers and push through pain?

Hi everyone! This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a reader in our SI Joint Saga Discussion group. This reader asked for my thoughts on her new exercise plan from a physical therapist.  She had SI joint issues as well as sciatica, which sent pain down into her hamstrings (the muscles inContinue reading “When should you take painkillers and push through pain?”

A great exercise to try: Isometric Glute Squeezes

Hi everyone– In this post, I want to talk about a very easy and gentle way to start strengthening the gluteus maximus. Most of us are familiar with this muscle– it’s the largest muscle that makes up our butt cheeks!  (Just calling it what it is!). This muscle is really important to stabilizing the SIContinue reading “A great exercise to try: Isometric Glute Squeezes”