Imaging and the SI joint

Hey everyone, A question my readers and coaching clients ask pretty often is whether imaging, such as an x-ray or MRI, can be used to diagnose SI joint dysfunction. Technically, imaging cannot be used to diagnose whether your SI joints are in or out of alignment. We are only talking about bones that may moveContinue reading “Imaging and the SI joint”

Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction

  Hi everyone! So… scientific studies regarding SI joint dysfunction have really been on my mind recently. I’ve seen too many people on social media (and also met one doctor in person) making generalized statements about how SI joint dysfunction isn’t a real thing. That the SI joint doesn’t move (at all). That it’s virtuallyContinue reading “Lumbar fusion and SI joint dysfunction”

What I think chiropractic has to offer

My friend Paul briefly dated a chiropractor once, a few years ago.  We all went out to dinner one night and I basically asked her as many questions as I could about what it was like to be a chiropractor without crossing the line into being annoying.  (At least, I hope I didn’t cross the line!).Continue reading “What I think chiropractic has to offer”

How SI joint dysfunction can affect the rest of your body

One of the craziest things about the SI joint is that even though it’s only meant to move a few millimeters, when those few millimeters of motion become restricted, it can really wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Although this joint isn’t meant to move a ton compared to other joints in theContinue reading “How SI joint dysfunction can affect the rest of your body”