My experience seeing an orthopedist, and why I didn’t pursue lidocaine or cortisone injections

Hi everyone! For some reason this subject has come up a lot in my emails to readers recently, so I thought it was high time I give it its own post. *** At one point into my journey– I’d say it was probably about two years into the whole five year saga– I made anContinue reading “My experience seeing an orthopedist, and why I didn’t pursue lidocaine or cortisone injections”

What’s so awesome about aquatic therapy?

It’s a great way to build muscular strength without negatively impacting your SI joints. Basically, if you have an SI joint injury, you have likely sprained the ligaments that are supposed to hold the joint in place.   The only way around this is to build up enough muscle strength around the joint that yourContinue reading “What’s so awesome about aquatic therapy?”

Still stable/what we can heal from.

Every time I write this, I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself. But my SI joints are still in place. They haven’t moved out of place since May (my first San Francisco trip). Since then, I have begun to do more and more. I’ve even run, at times, though it hasn’t been any more than a few strides crossingContinue reading “Still stable/what we can heal from.”

Tight muscles can mimic SI joint dysfunction

Now that my SI joints themselves are actually staying stable (thank God!) I can begin to identify other factors that may have been contributing to my pain, and causing my sense of being off-kilter, all along. What I’m referring to specifically in this post is tightness in the muscles of the lower back.   WhenContinue reading “Tight muscles can mimic SI joint dysfunction”

The SI joint is like a puzzle

For me, the process of figuring out my SI joints has had to be very intellectual.  The movement patterns of the sacroiliac joints are some of the most complex in the body.  It wasn’t a matter of simply doing my exercises and getting stronger, because this joint is like a puzzle. The SI joint remindsContinue reading “The SI joint is like a puzzle”