Why the core is your home base

Hey everyone, You may notice that I mention core strengthening in a lot of my posts. And I’m willing to bet that anyone out there who’s struggled with back pain has heard the term “core” a million times. But what are we really talking about here? There are a lot of different schools of thoughtContinue reading “Why the core is your home base”

Having enough muscle strength can change everything

Hey everyone, Every so often, I’ll get a few different people asking me the same question, in a short period of time.   Whenever that happens, and a lot of my readers seem to all be experiencing the same issue, I figure it’s time to get something up on the blog!  In the past weekContinue reading “Having enough muscle strength can change everything”

The muscles of the core (and why we focus on the transverse abdominis!).

Hi everyone! Generally, when people think of the core, they think of doing sit-ups, and crunches, and building up a 6-pack.  All of that has to do with the first muscle I’m going to mention here: the rectus abdominis.  However, there is so much more to the core than that. 1) The rectus abdominis: The “6-pack”Continue reading “The muscles of the core (and why we focus on the transverse abdominis!).”