The Pubic Symphysis: the joint at the front of the pelvis

Hey everyone, If you’re experiencing SI joint dysfunction, the pubic symphysis is another important joint to be aware of. The pubic symphysis is actually the third major joint that makes up what is often referred to as the pelvic ring, or pelvic circle. Everything is connected. Like the SI joints, the pubic symphysis isn’t intendedContinue reading “The Pubic Symphysis: the joint at the front of the pelvis”

Labral tears

Hip labral tears are a condition that can sometimes accompany sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The labrum is a ring of cartilage found within the hip socket.  Its main purpose is to absorb shock, as well as to help make sure your leg bone fits snugly inside the hip socket. Cartilage is generally pretty tough, but sometimes itContinue reading “Labral tears”

The SI joint is like a puzzle

For me, the process of figuring out my SI joints has had to be very intellectual.  The movement patterns of the sacroiliac joints are some of the most complex in the body.  It wasn’t a matter of simply doing my exercises and getting stronger, because this joint is like a puzzle. The SI joint remindsContinue reading “The SI joint is like a puzzle”