Proof that healing is possible

Hi everyone– I was sorting though old papers recently when I came across the original instructions my physical therapist Paula wrote out for me on the Muscle Energy Technique, back in 2014. A lot of people have asked me about her original instructions, as I’ve been running this blog.  I think people want to knowContinue reading “Proof that healing is possible”

How to find a good physical therapist, Part 1: Persistence

One of the questions people ask me most frequently is “How do I find a physical therapist who can treat the SI joint?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question is almost as complicated as my answers to any of the more scientific questions people ask me. I thought I’d break everything I’ve learned about thisContinue reading “How to find a good physical therapist, Part 1: Persistence”

If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back.

Hi everyone! I wanted to send out a different type of post today– one that’s a little more personal. I’ve been hearing from so many of you recently, through email, Facebook, as well as comments on my blog. And you’re all asking really great questions– so great I practically end up writing entire  posts whenContinue reading “If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back.”

Still stable/what we can heal from.

Every time I write this, I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself. But my SI joints are still in place. They haven’t moved out of place since May (my first San Francisco trip). Since then, I have begun to do more and more. I’ve even run, at times, though it hasn’t been any more than a few strides crossingContinue reading “Still stable/what we can heal from.”