3 Things to Know about Pool Exercise

Hi everyone! You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the question I’m asked the most is “what are your exercises?” I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get up some of my own resources.  I have been working on it, planning, and have actually shot a few practice videos at my gymContinue reading “3 Things to Know about Pool Exercise”

My Interview with Spine Universe :)

Hi everyone! Here’s a slightly different type of post for you today.  I wanted to make sure anyone who was interested had a chance to read my interview with SpineUniverse (it’s a website about back pain). I was really flattered when they contacted me last month to ask if I wanted to share my story ofContinue reading “My Interview with Spine Universe :)”

If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back.

Hi everyone! I wanted to send out a different type of post today– one that’s a little more personal. I’ve been hearing from so many of you recently, through email, Facebook, as well as comments on my blog. And you’re all asking really great questions– so great I practically end up writing entire  posts whenContinue reading “If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back.”

My first Youtube video: Where is the sacroiliac joint?

Hi everyone!  Happy Monday. You may know that I’ve been meaning to make Youtube videos for a while now.  When it comes to certain concepts regarding the SI joint, I’ve come to feel that long, wordy posts aren’t always the best way to convey information. However, it’s taken me a while to actually collect myContinue reading “My first Youtube video: Where is the sacroiliac joint?”

Share your story on my blog!

Hi everyone– When I started this blog back in 2016, I was feeling like I was in crisis mode with my SI joints.  The problem had been going on for five years, and I was at the point of wondering whether I’d ever get better. When I began this blog, I was basically saying “fuckContinue reading “Share your story on my blog!”

An accidental pocket post… thought I’d give you some updates!

So I was out and about getting ready for my Friday night, when I looked down and saw I published a post full of random emoticons by accident.  SO embarrassing. Let me just say that the WordPress app makes it WAY too easy to accidentally publish from your phone. Since I can’t unsend this toContinue reading “An accidental pocket post… thought I’d give you some updates!”