Post-Fall Update

Well, it’s been 10 days since I fell and predicted I was going to have an increase in SI joint problems.  Here’s what happened:

For about five days, things felt a little bit loose.  I felt as though my SI joints were moving more than they were supposed to, but nothing really moved crazily out of place.  It seemed as though my ligaments and my system overall had been a bit jarred by my fall, so things were off-kilter, but nothing moved too far out of place.  I could almost feel my joints get to the point of their range of motion where they might lock, but when that happened, it felt like something pulled them back into place.

I believe this was my muscles keeping things in place, which they are meant to do. Unlike the first time I fell and experienced an impact through my SI joints back in 2011, this time I am a lot stronger overall, and my muscle strength is more balanced (instead of having overly tight muscles pull on ones side harder than the other).

This kind of confirms to me that my original injury must have been exacerbated by what was going on with me at the time– that not only did I experience an impact through my SI joints, but I was primed for an injury due to all that my body was experiencing due to my knee injuries.

(I was out of shape and limping all the time, and I could feel my hip flexors becoming really tight and permanently exhausted).

It seems that, this time, I had slightly more helpful factors going for me.  The fact that I was otherwise walking normally and had built up more muscle strength seemed to prevent things from going totally off-track.

After about the fifth day, I started to feel like I was probably in the clear.  Things stopped moving around so much, and I stopped feeling any motion down lower in the SI joint (when I first fell, I experienced a pain that was much lower down, closer to the base of the sacrum, than the pain I normally experienced when my SI joints get stuck).

But that pain wore off and I was gradually starting to feel more stable again.

Unfortunately, I have to phrase that last sentence with “was” because of what happened next.  But I can say that this fall did not immediately cause problems, despite the increased joint mobility, and pain in a new location….

Published by Christy Collins

Hi, I'm Christy! I'm a health coach who helps people overcome SI joint dysfunction and chronic pain.

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