SI Joint Resources for Professionals

Kyndall Boyle (2012). Conservative Management for Patients with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, Low Back Pain, Dr. Ali Asghar Norasteh (Ed.), InTech, DOI: 10.5772/33878. Available from:

Dr. Kelly McInnis, DO, Mass General Hospital: Presentation on SI joint given to Eastern Athletic Trainer’s association.  It does not go into a ton of detail but it is comprehensive and *really * impressive.

Back in Business Physiotherapy/Martin Krause (Sydney, Aus): Back, pelvic girdle, and hip pain.  Includes thorough explanations of:

  1. Normal SI joint motions
  2. Potential alignment problems
  3. Diagnostic tests that can be used by PT’s and other manual therapists (with really clear diagrams)

Dr. Barbara Hungerford and Advanced Manual Therapy Associates — a ton of really great information.

Sacroiliac Joint Force and Form Closure (PhysioPedia)– great outline of the various factors, passive and active, which contribute to SIJ stability.

Dutton’s Orthopedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention (Textbook with Chapter on Sacroiliac Joint)

Vaughn, D. (2008).  Isolated Knee Pain: A Case Report Highlighting Regional Interdependence.  Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, 38(10), pp. 616-623.

Evidence-Based Examination and Treatment of the Pelvis (fascinating continuing education course for physical therapists, taught by Dr. Alexis Wright for Medbridge)

Physical Therapist’s Guide to Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, from the American Physical Therapy Association.