Vicki Sims & Gainesville Physical Therapy

Vicki Sims is a physical therapist who has done a lot of work focusing on the SI joint.

She is co-director of Gainesville Physical Therapy in Gainesville, GA, where she consults patients on SIJD.

She also works with surgeons who have been trained in SI joint fixation, and I have seen some patient testimonials say she comes to the hospital to make sure patients are aligned prior to their fixation surgeries.

She has a lot of great resources up on as well as the SIDyfunction Youtube Channel.

Here are a few great places to start:

Introduction to Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Common Symptoms of SI Joint Dysfunction

Malalignment Syndrome video

Patient Testimonial

Example of Pre-Surgical Consultation & Post-Surgical

She is the author of The Secret Cause of Low Back Pain.