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About Me 

My Story

My Injury 

What is the SI joint?

Understanding SI Joint Dysfunction:

Getting a diagnosis:

Musculoskeletal factors:



Posterior rotation:

Effects on the rest of the body:

Other potential causes to rule out:

Important Concepts

Key Points of My Recovery

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Working out regularly in a pool
  3. Adjusting my own movement patterns and related post The SI joint is like a puzzle
  4. Muscular Strength vs. Endurance
  5. Developing a thorough stretching routine
  6. When someone finally told me only one SI joint could lock up at a time
  7. Learning to adjust my own SI joints
  8. Discovering chiropractic adjustments had been re-spraining my ligaments the entire time (and deciding not to receive them anymore) — this link will take you to my original post on my main blog, Sunlight in Winter

Looking back at everything I know now:

Daily life with SI Joint Dysfunction:



Approaches to Treatment



SI Belts


Aquatic Therapy:

Physical Therapy:

How to find a good physical therapist:

  1. Persistence
  2. Thinking creatively
  3. Find someone with experience in treating the SI joint
  4. Search tips
  5. The PT’s I observed as a student

More on physical therapy:

Muscle Energy Technique

Other Conservative Approaches:


I have mixed feelings on chiropractic as a whole.  I do believe the chiropractors who are more aligned with mainstream medicine have something to offer, although I believe the field needs more research.  Due to safety concerns, I personally do not receive chiropractic adjustments.  Overall I think physical therapists who offer the Muscle Energy Technique are a better way to go.

Traditional Doctors:

Treatment Approaches & Differing Perspectives

History of SI Joint Treatment

SI Joint Injections:



SI Joint Reading List

Women’s Health

Pelvic Floor

Newer posts:

Learning I have a genetic hypermobility disorder (2020)

Genetics consultation for hypermobility

Newer posts/current routine (2020-present):