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Hi everyone!  This is the complete list of everything I’ve written. I was curious to see what my posts looked like laid out in this framework.  You may find it easier to navigate or find a topic that you’re looking for.

I’m thinking of creating an e-book on the SI joint, so this is sort of the framework for my table of contents.  (Some posts may be listed more than once– I’m still kind of figuring out the best way to categorize things).

So far:

About Me 

My Story

My Injury 

What is the SI joint?

Defining SI Joint Dysfunction

Understanding SI Joint Dysfunction:

Effects on the rest of the body:

Other potential causes to rule out:

Important Concepts

Key Points of My Recovery

  1. Identifying the problem
  2. Working out regularly in a pool
  3. Adjusting my own movement patterns and related post The SI joint is like a puzzle
  4. Muscular Strength vs. Endurance
  5. Developing a thorough stretching routine
  6. When someone finally told me only one SI joint could lock up at a time
  7. Learning to adjust my own SI joints
  8. How it all finally came together and related post The end of my SI joint issues is officially in sight

Also: How I healed my SI joints without surgery

My Recovery Timeline

Posts from Sunlight in Winter

Links to all my SI joint -related blog posts over time, including those from Sunlight in Winter (my personal site which I began long before this one).   I wrote my earliest posts when I didn’t have very many answers yet, so they are not necessarily great for teaching people about the SI joint.  However, they are a testament to the hopelessness I once felt, and a reminder of how important it is to raise awareness about SI joint issues.

Current Posts from this blog

My later posts on this blog, obviously, are written from the standpoint of where I am now, as someone who has (mostly) recovered.  However, I realize I’ll never be completely out of the woods– my ligaments will probably always be slightly compromised– so I’ll still be chronicling my ups and downs and any potential setbacks I have on this site.

Approaches to Treatment


Aquatic Therapy:

Physical Therapy:


I have mixed feelings on chiropractic as a whole.  I do believe the chiropractors who are more aligned with mainstream medicine have something to offer, although overall I think physical therapists who offer the Muscle Energy Technique are a better way to go.

Muscle Energy Technique



Pelvic Health/Pelvic Floor

Women’s Health

Treatment Approaches & Differing Perspectives

Resources: (for a complete list see List of All Sources Cited)

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