Resources for Patients

Here are some great links I think anyone trying to learn more about SI dysfunction should check out.

WebPT: Your SI Joint: An Owner’s Manual

Joint Ventures Physical Therapy: What is the SI Joint?  and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

PhysioWorks/John Miller: Sacroiliac Joint Pain.  Thorough article by a PT which has a great outline of four stages of recovery, from immediate pain relief to preventing re-injury.  Totally meshes with my own experience.

Bodyzone Posture Professionals: Sacroiliac Pain and Nerve Pain  (does not go into detail on specific SI motions, but great advice from a more general perspective.  I especially like Point #4 about how the body is made to move, and overuse often results from forcing the body to do too much of one thing).

What is the difference between SI Dysfunction and Inflammation?  In this video, a spine surgeon discusses the differences between these two overlapping concepts.

Madden Physical Therapy: 3 Steps to Permanent Relief for SI Joint and Pelvic Pain and Top Three Exercises for SI Joint Pain

Tim Highland, Champion Fitness Physical Therapy: Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Analysis 

Vicki Sims & Gainesville Physical Therapy

Taylored Training and Fitness: SI Joint Pain: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment