Physical Therapist and Doctor Directory

Hi everyone!

Recently, I asked those of you who’ve found relief to share the names of any doctors or physical therapists who’ve helped you. And you did not disappoint!

Here all of the practitioner names I’ve gotten so far, organized by geographic location.

Every practitioner on this page has been recommended personally by a reader, except for a few specific cases where I note otherwise.

Please note: I am not affiliated with any of the practitioners here, and make no guarantee of results. I receive no financial compensation for these listings. Please speak with your doctor before making any changes to your healthcare routine.



Morgan Humphreys Davis, Mind and Motion Physical Therapy, Juneau, AK


Jon Paul Church, Select Physical Therapy, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Winston Capel, neurosurgeon, Homewood, AL. One reader had iFuse surgery and said her pain was greatly reduced.


Jessica Grucca, OrthoArizona-South, Gilbert, AZ. Reader quote: “She helped me so much with my sacroiliac joint injury! 1000% recommended.”

Connor Ryan, PT. PRI specialist and strengthening specialist. Scottsdale, AZ.  Reader quote: “He really knows his stuff.  Out of pocket pay.  Not insurance driven.”


Dr. Jeff Hanson and Embody Wellness Clinic, Folsom and South Lake Tahoe, prolotherapy, PRP, prolozone (check out reader Josh’s video for more!).

Raul Lona, DPT, M3PT, greater LA area

Dr. Kimberly Safman, physiatrist, Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach, CA

Michael McKindley, Progressive Therapy, Costa Mesa, CA

Sherine Aubert, pelvic floor PT, Sarton Physical Therapy, Los Alamitos, CA

Dr. Edmund Evangelista, physiatrist, Mission Viejo, CA — really helped a reader with prolotherapy


Dr. Paul Tortland Osteo-Orthopedic for assessment, and/or alternative therapies. Glastonbury CT.  Reader quote: “He’s very comprehensive/thorough in his assessment. Independent, not corporate driven.”

Dr. Peter Whang, orthopedist, Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT

Dr. Perry Peretz, West Redding, CT. Reader quotes:

“He uses alternative approaches such as prolotherapy and acupuncture to get results.  I was skeptical at first but they do work.”

“This doctor has a clear understanding of SI joint instability, hypermobility, and is very, very knowledgeable on the most up-to-date research on prolotherapy!”


Terry Sneed, PT, Elite Physical Therapy and Wellness


Fannya Manchak Ivy Rehab


Back to Health Physical Therapy, Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Paul Tortland, New England Stem Cell Institute of the Palm Beaches, Jupiter, FL. This doctor is primarily based out of CT and has limited availability here. Osteo-Orthopedic for assessment, and/or alternative therapies. Reader quote: “He’s very comprehensive/thorough in his assessment. Independent, not corporate driven.”

Accu Care Physical Therapy, Fort Lauderdale

Dr. Christopher Reyher, physiatrist, Center for Bone and Joint Disease, several locations within FL

Dr. Lisa Corsa, physical therapist and DO (manual osteopath), Premier Therapy Solutions, Boca Raton, FL.


Mike Cantrell, PT, Atlanta, GA, Postural Restoration Institute-certified

Joanne O’Connor, PT, Human Performance and Rehab Centers, Columbus, GA. Reader quote: “She is amazing.” Check out her interview on pelvic pain during pregnancy as well as this article on pelvic floor PT.


Ability Lab Research Hospital, Chicago, IL– this reader worked with Dr. Cho for injections and Kathleen for PT

Dr. Brian D. Oostman, Advocate Health Care, Aurora, IL

NCH Wellness Center, Arlington Heights, IL— the physical therapists this reader worked with are Theresa R. E., Jennifer L., and Christine K. 

Dr. Tennyson Lee, physiatrist, Carbondale, IL– “Fabulous diagnostician and great at injections.”


Christina Gregor, Athletico Physical Therapy, Indianapolis, IN. Has experience with SIJD and hypermobility.

Sarah Randolph-Kaminski, PT, Franciscan Hospital, Indianapolis, IN


Bradley Wheeldon, Physical Therapist, Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy, Louisville, KY — this reader also really recommends the Hivamat machine, which she credits with allowing her to work out again

Dr. David Rouben, Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon, Louisville, KY — a reader has had a good experience consulting with him regarding the Rialto device for SI joint fusion. (She has not undergone the procedure yet and so cannot comment on outcome).


Lorrain Smith Doucet, Physical Therapist, Omni Therapy, Baton Rouge, LA

Julian Patrick Kelty, Trainer, ReGen Ex Physical Therapy, Baton Rouge, LA


Natasha Heitman, Inspire Motion Physical Therapy, Acton, MA. This is where I personally (the author of this blog) have gone! Natasha is a great listener and can teach you the Muscle Energy Technique to realign your SI joints.

Christina Seng, pelvic floor PT, Spaulding Rehab Brighton location. She is really insightful– can assess pelvic floor muscles and how they may be affecting your alignment.

Teingo West, Physical Therapist, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, MA. Reader quote: “He’s good with moving the muscles so you are aligned again.   Many times it happens on that same visit, but not always… I’m not sure if he uses the MET method.”

Dr. Jon Trister, prolotherapy, Worcester, MA. For more on reader Julie’s experience with prolotherapy, check out this post.

Dr. Li Yu, neurosurgeon, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Brookline, MA

Rachel Sanford, PT, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA. She does pelvic floor AND orthopedic therapy. She can use the Muscle Energy Technique and can also perform manual (hands-on) adjustments.


Dr. Charles Sansur, neurosurgeon, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD


Tapan Raut, PT, Synergy Rehab, Oak Park and Clinton Township, MI.  Reader quote: “He really understands the pelvis.”

Aquatic Therapy Solutions, Oak Park, MI. They offer aquatic therapy in a Hydroworx pool (which I highly recommend checking out!).

Neil King Physical Therapy, metro-Detroit area, as recommended by this article


Merz Physical Therapy, Minnetonka, MN

Dr. Amy Beacom, Summit Orthopedics, Eagan, MN

Joanna Vermedahl, PT, Viverant, Eagan, MN


Dr. Carter Beck, neurosurgeon. Developed the Rialto method. Missoula, MT


Anita Furbush Physical Therapy, Plymouth, NH


Tri-County Orthopedics, Cedar Knolls, NJ

Active Care Physical Therapy, Dover and Succasunna, NJ

Bruce Buckman, PT, The Spine and Health Center of New Jersey (multiple locations). Reader quote: ” He diagnosed my SI joint, has a great understanding of it, and taught me the muscle energy technique you refer to and I have been improving.”


Dr. Emil Azer, orthopedic surgeon, Syracuse, NY


Amanda Berstler, DPT, Drayer Physical Therapy, Punxysutawney, PA


Muldowney Physical Therapy, Cranston and North Smithfield, RI.

**This is my top recommendation for the New England area**

They are able to adjust and treat all types of SI joint imbalances, such as upslips, hip bone rotations, and sacral torsions. (Even if you have to travel to see them, they can teach some of these self-corrections to the patient or to a family member).

They also specializes in treating patients with hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I truly believe their approach is ground-breaking. For more information you can also check out Kevin Muldowney’s book Living Life to the Fullest.


Collin McDonald, PA-C, Wasatch Pain Solutions, South Jordan, Utah. Reader quote: “Best thing: he NEVER makes you feel like your pain is ‘in your head.’ Takes ALL pain, complaints seriously.”


Ascension Providence Rehabilitation Services (associated with hospital & other services) Woodway, (Waco) Texas. Here, this reader worked with:

  • “Celeste Quiroz, PT – “Excellent! Specializes in pelvic floor. Very hands-on to determine exact issues.”
  • Jessica Baima, PT
  • Crystal Klepper, PTA – “Very good! Works with Celeste and Jessica. “

Liz Kirk, DC, Airrosti Houstonian Medical Associates, Houston, TX. So far this is the only chiropractor I’m putting on the list because she uses a physical therapy-based approach, rather than performing adjustments. Reader quote: “Airrosti is considered PT and after she does soft tissue work then I see a PT. She also does soft tissue work, dry needling, and ultrasound.”

Integra Physical Therapy,  Pflugerville, TX 


Dr. Paul Mitchell, neurosurgeon, Norfolk, VA

Dr. Ali Moshirfar, orthopedic surgeon, Orthopedic and Spine Surgery Institute, Landsdowne, VA

Dr. Niteesh Bharara, Virginia Spine Institute, Reston VA. Offers regenerative injections such as prolotherapy and PRP.

Reader quote: “A very kind and personable doctor who is VERY knowledgable about SIJD, hypermobility, and ligament laxity. We just talked for about an hour and he knows a ton about hypermobile joints, how to tell if pain rooted in ligament damage vs coming from the joint itself, lots of info about how ligament laxity affects hip rotations, was able to diagnose me as hypermobile.”


Dr. Eva Young, Orthopedic Physician Associates, Seattle, WA– was able to diagnose and help a reader understand her hypermobility condition

Sue Horton, Select Physical Therapy, Redmond, WA

Janette Ahrndt, New Motion Physical Therapy, Bainbridge Island, WA



Dr. Robert Cho, Centric Health Surgical Centers


James Wheeler – RMT/muscle energy testing at Okanagan Health and Performance in Kelowna, BC Canada 



Dr. Barbara Hungerford, PhD, physiotherapist, Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy Center, Sydney

Dr. Bassam Moses, Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician, Sydney

Peter Dornan, Physio— helps with pelvic pain and pudendal neuralgia (male and female) Brisbane

Dr. Philip Hall, City Fertility— gynecologist who can provide Botox injections for pudendal neuralgia

Dolph Francis, senior physiotherapist, Queensland Sports Medicine Center

Hydrotherapy Brisbane

Dr. Chris Homan, Musculoskeletal Therapy Doctor, Brisbane

Lori Forner, pelvic floor physiotherapist, Brisbane



Martin Kay, physio supervisor at Sunderland Royal Hospital, Sunderland UK. Reader quote: “Over 4 years I’ve had my SIJ problem and he’s the only person I’ve seen who actually ‘gets’ the SI joint.”

Sophie Dhenin, physiotherapist, Scorpio Clinic, Virginia Water.


Dr. Salvatore Roccalto, orthopedic surgeon — see his page on the sacroiliac joint. He offers the iFuse surgery, although so far the reader who has consulted him is trying SI joint injections (conservative treatment should always come first!).


Dr. Fraser Burling, rheumatologist and general practitioner– specializes in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Co-founder of Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Clinic. Helped to realign the SI joints of a reader with EDS.