Personal Stories

Over the past few years, I have found it really helpful to read other people’s stories.

The SI joint is an extremely complicated joint, and the shape of the joint surfaces themselves can vary widely from person to person.  Because of this, what works for one person can be very different from what works for another.

However, I have still learned a lot from other people’s experiences.  Each time I hear someone else’s story, I come up with new things to try, and new concepts to have in the back of my mind.

It is also such a relief to remember that as lost as I’ve felt at times, there are other people going through the same thing.  (Not that I want anyone else to suffer, but at least I’m not alone!).

One really helpful resource for me has been this Facebook group: SACRO-ILIAC JOINT SYNDROME / SI JOINT DYSFUNCTION – SIJD.

I find that the members of this group are really caring and helpful, and take the time to try to offer advice and answer others’ questions.

There are also a number of really great personal blogs and articles on healing your SI joints out out there, including:

Mom Against the Marathon: “Story of a runner’s experience with SIJD”

The Dance Training Project: “The SI Joint Whisperer Tells All (Part 1)”

Linda K. Sienkiewicz— story of how she overcame sacral torsion (a type of dysfunction that’s very closely related to SI joint dysfunction)

Dizzy Pelvis Blog: Laura Jenkins tells her story of having successful SI joint surgery with Dr. Carter Beck and healing from her SI joint dysfunction of 30 years.

Goffdrops: Trish Goff tells her story of SI joint surgery with Dr. Carter Beck. Great blog from Kim, a patient who had a successful iFuse surgery,  performed by Dr. David Weiss in consultation with physical therapist Vicki Sims.

The Ride, SIJD: Really interesting blog written by Lauren, who had the iFuse surgery for her SI joints with what seem to be mixed results.

Recover Your Stride: Jim Hansen shares his experience having successful prolotherapy injections for SI joint dysfunction

Finding meaning in the experience

One blog I could not recommend more highly is Life in Slow Motion.  Esther Smith writes about her experience of SI joint dysfunction and disability with so much honesty, conscience, and heart that it is an absolute pleasure to read, even when she is tackling the most difficult topics.