Important Concepts

Main functions of the SI joint

What happens when an SI joint gets stuck?

Ligaments of the SI joint

Where is the SI joint? Useful illustrations

SI Joint Concepts: Hypomobility vs. Hypermobility

SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology

SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure

The SI joint acts like a shock absorber

Tight muscles can mimic SI joint dysfunction

Hypermobile joints

The Pubic Symphysis: the joint at the front of the pelvis

Malalignment Syndrome (Vicki Sims) and related post Some of the other symptoms of SI Joint Dysfunction

Common Symptoms of SI Joint Dysfunction (Vicki Sims)

Lumbar Rotation vs SI Joint Dysfunction

Is your hip pain a labral tear?

What is the difference between SI joint dysfunction and inflammation?