All Posts, Organized by Subject

Hi everyone!  This is the master list of everything I’ve written. I was curious to see what my posts looked like laid out in this framework.  You may find it easier to navigate or find a topic that you’re looking for.

I’m thinking of creating an e-book on the SI joint, so this is sort of a preliminary table of contents.

So far:

What is the SI joint? (its own page)

Main functions of the SI joint

What happens when an SI joint gets stuck?

Ligaments of the SI joint

Where is the SI joint? Useful illustrations

SI Joint Concepts: Hypomobility vs. Hypermobility

SI Joint Concepts: Useful Terminology

SI Joint Concepts: Form Closure vs. Force Closure

The SI joint acts like a shock absorber

You may not experience symptoms right away after injuring the SI joint.  Sometimes it can take a while.

Other Anatomy Related

Tight muscles can mimic SI joint dysfunction

Some thoughts on hypermobile joints

The Pubic Symphysis: the joint at the front of the pelvis

Malalignment Syndrome (Vicki Sims) and related post Secondary symptoms of SI joint dysfunction (on some of my personal symptoms)

Common Symptoms of SI Joint Dysfunction (Vicki Sims)

Lumbar Rotation vs SI Joint Dysfunction

Is your hip pain a labral tear?

What is the difference between SI joint dysfunction and inflammation?

My Personal Story

How did I first injure my SI joint?

What made my SI joint lock up for the first time in 8 months?

When muscle strength finally makes up for weak ligaments

Still stable/what we can heal from

What I learned from seeing my second physiatrist

Personal Posts Page which links to all my original blog posts from Sunlight in Winter (my personal site which I began long before this one).   I wrote these posts when I didn’t have very many answers yet, so they are not necessarily great for teaching people about the SI joint.  However, they are a testament to the hopelessness I once felt, and a reminder of how important it is to raise awareness about SI joint issues.

Turning Points — specific milestones I had to pass & concepts I had to learn before I could get better

#1 Identifying the problem

#2 Working out regularly in a pool

#3 Adjusting my own movement patterns and related post The SI joint is like a puzzle

#4 Muscular Strength vs. Endurance

#5 Developing a thorough stretching routine

#6 When someone finally told me only one SI joint could lock up at a time

#7 Learning to adjust my own SI joints

Looking back:

 The end of my SI joint issues is officially in sight

How it all finally came together



The importance of pool exercise to my recovery

Pool exercises for the sacroiliac joint (preliminary/rough draft)

Three major muscle groups to strengthen for SI joint dysfunction

The most important place to start strengthening: the core & transverse abdominis

One of the best things you can do for yourself in the pool: traction (letting your legs hang beneath you in the deep end)


Physical Therapy:

Madden PT: 3 Steps to Permanent Relief 

Vicki Sims & Gainesville Physical Therapy



Muscle Energy Technique

Clarifying the Muscle Energy Technique

Pelvic Health/Pelvic Floor

Women’s Health 

Powerful female hormones, injuries & back pain

Treatment Approaches and Controversy 

Adam Meakins/The Sports Physio: A critical view of SIJ treatments (that I don’t completely agree with)