Let’s start a PT/doctor directory!

Hi everyone,

Today I’m writing to you about an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time… starting a list of physical therapists and doctors that some of us have personally found helpful.

Since running this blog, I’ve had people from all over the world contact me asking if I know of anyone who could help them, in their area.

I always do my best to do a little research and try to figure *something* out– because, at this point, I have an idea of what to look for.

However, what I would really, really love is to be able to point them to a shared list, or resource, that my readers have contributed to.

So, if you have a doctor or a physical therapist in your area who’s helped you, please let me know!

What I’d like for the directory is the PT or doctor’s name, and their location (do they work at a larger clinic?) as well as any relevant information about their background or particular expertise, that would help someone make a decision about whether or not o see them.

I’ll keep your contributions anonymous, unless you specifically let me know that you’d be open to having other people contact you to about your experience. (In that case, you can also give me an email address that people can use to reach out to you).

Options for submitting your suggestions:

I’m excited for this! Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

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