A way you can help my blogs (for free!).


Hi everyone–

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I was feeling like I was in crisis mode with my SI joints.  The problem had been going on for five years, and I was at the point of wondering whether I’d ever get better.

When I began this blog, I was basically saying “fuck it” to everything– to my years of holding back, of questioning myself, of wondering if the people who told me I spent too much time focusing on my health problems were right.

Instead, I was realizing that the opposite was probably true– that a fear of “fixating” on my body, stemming back from my history with an eating disorder had, paradoxically, possibly been holding me back from taking the steps I needed to take.

This blog was just really my open notebook, for myself.  I started reading everything I could, and taking notes, and really, I just left it set to “public” in case anyone else wanted to look at my quickly jotted-down thoughts.

As luck would have it, all the research I did did pay off– but, luckily, not in a way that led me to surgery.   I just needed to really give the problem my full attention and acknowledge every possible detail for a while, until I could pick out patterns and decide what information was relevant.


If you’d asked me then, when I desperately and frantically started this site, if I ever thought I’d be able to provide answers to other people… well, I’m not sure I would have believed what’s happened with this blog.

My Sacroiliac Joint Saga has been growing month by month, and this past August, I got over 2,500 page views for the month.  That’s right– 2,500.

I never would have believed it.

And my total views for this blog are nearing 10,000.

I never would have imagined I’d be able to share what I’d learned with so many people.  And my traffic seems to be growing by the day, as more and more people find me (finally, it seems awareness of SI joint dysfunction is growing!).


What I wanted to ask:

I have been getting a lot of emails from people looking for help, and as I’ve mentioned before, I really appreciate getting these emails for a number of reasons.  For one thing, it lets me know I’m doing something right here, if random strangers from the Internet want to know my opinion.

Additionally, it gives me new ideas of what to write about, and also, in a way, I think gives me practice for when I am someday a PT.  Because people ask about every dimension of their problem– not just the mechanics of the joint itself, but psychological; emotional; how to find the right doctor.  These are all questions I will spend my career answering, and the “how” isn’t necessarily something you learn in PT school.

So, for those of you who are comfortable, I wanted to ask a quick favor:

I’ve never asked anyone this directly (and I will continue not to in the future– I don’t want anyone to feel pressured, or self-conscious)…

But if you email me for help, and you are willing–

Could you let me know if it would be okay for me to publish your questions, and my answers on this blog?  I will absolutely never share your name, or email address, or any personal details.

I think it might be helpful for other people out there, who are also struggling, but don’t have the courage to reach out (or who aren’t sure what questions to ask).

I’ve responded to a bunch of readers who I think might have benefited from being able to see what I said to other individuals.  I’m able to take on a different, much more personalized tone than I do in my more generalized, anatomy-based posts.

So, if you aren’t comfortable, please– no pressure at all.  Again, this is something that I will never ask you directly.

But if you are planning to reach out to me, and this seems like something you would be okay with, could you maybe let me know in your message?

I think having some questions and answers up here might really boost the ability of this site to help people.

(Or, of course, you can always leave a comment on the site, which I’ll answer– it’s public anyway).


Anyway, that’s all for now!  I appreciate your reading this, and your consideration.

Hope everyone’s about to have a great weekend!

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