Si joints

Rotation of the sacrum (aka sacral torsion)

Over the years, something my chiropractors mentioned to me from time to time was that my sacrum was rotated.


The sacrum

It was rotated in relation to the lumbar spine above it:


Lumbar spine

This is something I had trouble believing, or taking that seriously.  I never really noticed myself having additional pain on the days they said my sacrum was rotated.  The majority of my symptoms I experienced came from the sacroiliac joint, which is where the sacrum meets the hip bones:


And, sometimes, from abnormal rotation of the lumbar spine.

However, this week, I am feeling totally different symptoms, and I would be so, so willing to bet that it’s my sacrum that’s out of place.

I know my SI joints are in place– I’ve learned how to tell, in terms of my own joints, over the years, and do my adjustments.  And I don’t have that awkward one-leg-higher-than-the-other feeling that’s always accompanied the lumbar spine symptoms.

I can almost guarantee that the next time I go to a chiropractor (which is hopefully going to be tomorrow), they will tell me it’s my sacrum.


This, of course, has caused me to revisit the question of “can the sacrum rotate out of place?”.  Upon further research, my answer is now yes.

I think the reason I never really took it that seriously before is that my chiropractors were always adjusting it before it got out of place enough to cause a lot of symptoms.  And, if it was causing symptoms at the same time my SI joints were locked up, I probably wasn’t really able to differentiate the two types of pain very well.  All I would have known was that the adjustment made me feel better.

So, I feel like I have to eat my words a little bit.  For a while I was hoping to never have to go to a chiropractor again, and now I’m at the point where I have to admit that a good chiropractor can still be helpful– under specific circumstances.

I mean, let’s be real.  I don’t currently have a way to diagnose what’s going on with my sacrum myself.  And I don’t know of any PT’s who can, either.  It was all I could do to find a PT to perform the muscle energy technique for my SI joints– and that took me years.  I suppose I could ask her about sacral rotation, but I am not terribly optimistic.

I am sure there are PT’s and osteopaths out there who can.  (That’s part of why I was so excited about that physical therapy continuing education course I posted about last time!).

But if I’m going to be practical and get right down to it, the easiest and most efficient solution in terms of time and money would be to go back to one of the chiropractors I’ve seen before.

My views have changed– I definitely think chiropractic adjustments should be used incredibly sparingly, and only when no other alternatives are available.  And only the kind done with the activator, not the rougher hands-on adjustments.


I have a few interesting resources to share about rotation of the sacrum– stay tuned!

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That’s all for now!  Thanks for reading!

All graphics courtesy of BodyParts 3D on Wikipedia

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