Recover Your Stride: informative blog from a patient who had successful prolotherapy injections

I stumbled upon Jim Hansen’s well-written blog Recover Your Stride today while doing research for my prolotherapy post.

He had a number of posts up that I thought might be helpful for anyone looking for info on prolotherapy for the SI joints, so I wanted to make sure I link to them here.  (And also so I myself don’t lose track of them!).

I believe he saw the same doctor I consulted with, Dr. Joanne Borg-Stein.  I wasn’t able to ultimately receive the injections, so here is another perspective from someone who was.

New Pathways back to Running: si joint dysfunction and Prolotherapy?

More on Prolotherapy and PRP Injections for the SI Joint

What the Osteopath said!

Three Alignment Exercises for Pain-Free Running and First Prolotherapy Injections

Two days after first Prolotherapy injections

Second Round of Prolotherapy Injections

Thank you for sharing this information, Jim!

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