Common Symptoms of SI Joint Dysfunction (Vicki Sims video)

Here is a great video from Vicki Sims of Gainesville Physical Therapy, providing an overview of some of the symptoms of sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

On this blog, I plan to introduce you to the work of a wide range of PT’s, doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals who have valuable things to say about the sacroiliac joint.All of them are coming from a different place, and sometimes their views on how to heal the SI joint will not be the same.

However, as we all know, different things work for different people.  If you have SIJD, the way forward is to figure out what works for you, and which approach is most likely to be able to help you.  So it’s best to research all your options.

Although this particular video is geared towards patients, I still found there were a few terms it might be difficult for the average person to understand.   So I thought I’d take a few notes and translate some of the medical terminology into plain English:


0:30 seconds: good explanation of there exactly the joint is

“The joint is malaligned” = it’s out of alignment.  The ilia (hip bone) and the sacrum (base of the spine) are not lined up the way they are anatomically designed to be.

This can cause pain down the back of the leg, down into the calf, or even into the front of the leg

“Can have pain around the top of the ilium” = the ilium is the singular word for one hip bone. So that means pain around the top of the ilium

The most common complaint she hears is that pain increases if the patient is in any one position for one period of time.


Vicki Sims and Gainesville PT have put out a lot of great material on the SIJ.  I ended up designating an entire page for resources from them, and will be covering more of their work in the future.

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