Dr. Carter Beck & the Rialto implant

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of a super helpful Facebook group for suffers of SI joint dysfunction.

Recently, someone in the group shared this article about neurosurgeon Dr. Carter Beck, who has worked to develop a particular type of surgical implant (the Rialto) for SI joint fixation surgery.

Dr. Beck had operated on this woman, and a year later, she credits him with giving her life back.

The article she shared tells the story of another woman, Tracey Kropp, who also had surgery with Dr. Beck with really successful results.

The article is super interesting, as is the Facebook thread where people are asking and answering a lot of questions.  Since it is a “closed” group, I don’t feel comfortable giving out specific information about member comments here, but I totally recommend that you join the group yourself to see the full discussion!

Once you’re a member, here is a link that will take you directly to the post I’m talking about.

More on Dr. Beck:

I had previously linked to a really interesting interview with Dr. Beck, where he talks about some of the history of SI joint dysfunction, as well as why he believes in the Rialto procedure.

It is definitely worth checking out.  Even if you aren’t interested in pursing surgery, Dr. Beck is still able to give a lot of context about SI joint dysfunction and why it is still so under-recognized.

Happy researching!

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