How it all finally came together

Hi everyone– occasionally I’m going to revert back to the “open workbook” style of post, which is how I originally began this blog.  It’s part of my process to figure out what I want to say– to sort of build a “skeleton” of concepts before filling it in.  

Here is a preliminary list that links to everything I eventually want to say about what made my recovery possible.  I’ll be updating this with a more detailed narrative in the future!

Developing muscle strength:

Along with a thorough stretching routine:

Finally finding a knowledgeable PT who was able to think flexibly:

My physical therapist Paula, who the fourth physical therapist I saw over the course of this problem, was able to think flexibly and come up with alternate ways for me to exercise, instead of insisting I do things one way.  (Same for stretches).  Having an open-minded and knowledgeable PT made all the difference.

Pool exercise was a big component— it numbed things that hurt, flushed out toxins, gave my muscles a recharge…  letting my legs hang beneath me in the deep end used gravity to try to create space in joints.  (Key Point #2: Pool Workouts).

Paula taught me how to adjust my own SI joints (Key Point #7).

Was patient; paid attention.  Knew it wasn’t mind over matter; had to do research and be intellectual.  Couldn’t “push through” or try to use brute force; had to be mindful and modify the things I did.

Eventually realized frequent chiropractor visits were making things worse and stopped going.


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